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Our history

The Clan MacLeod Parliament was first held in 1956 at Dunvegan, Isle of Skye, convened by our great Chief, Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod. It is an event where MacLeods can come together and speak about topics of interest to the Clan, make life-long friends, and enjoy our Scottish cultural heritage. Originally held at three-year intervals, it is now held every four years and based in Dunvegan. It is an event organised predominantly by MacLeod volunteers, intended to provide a meaningful experience for members of the Clan MacLeod, and it is a core component of the world-wide community of Scottish diaspora to which we belong.

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The Parliament programme can be found here Programme. Please note that there are sometimes changes that need to be made to the schedule at the last minute, but the dates of 21-28 July in Dunvegan are FIRM.

There are three major things you need to do to prepare for Parliament 2018:
Register for Parliament (see Booking).
Arrange your accommodation in Dunvegan. This is something you need to do on your own, but websites such as http://www.visitscotland.com or Air B&B in Scotland can help you. (Please note that accommodation on Harris and Lewis will be arranged as part of the tour. See Harris and Lewis for more information.)
Make your own travel arrangements to get to Parliament. International flight information is available through various internet travel sites. Journey planning for public transportation within Scotland can be found at http://www.travelinescotland.com/.

Anticipated highlights of the Dunvegan Parliament 2018 programme include:
Trips to MacLeod homelands, including Dunvegan Castle, the McCrimmon Pipers' Cairn at Boreraig, and the Fairy Bridge,
Ceilidhs and dancing workshops,
Piping and Gaelic singing groups (you CAN do this!),
German style barbecue with beer and bratwurst on the pier at Dunvegan Castle,
Whisky tasting,
Land use lectures (Scottish land ownership is undergoing an amazing transformation of use and community engagement),
A day trip to Raasay, a beautiful MacLeod island, deep in ancient and even industrial history and undergoing a Renaissance of artistic, environmental, and visitor-inspried developments, and
a Clan Ball in the final night of Parliament.

The "Parliamentarian's Handbook" a booklet that goes into some detail about the transportation, accomodation, activities, expenses, and general mysteries about traveling to Scotland can be downloaded from the Parliament reading list page on this website.

Registration is something you can do right now! Click on the Booking menu item to the left for further instructions. Please register as early as possible as it will help faciliate our commitments to the local businesses who are supporting us.

Urgent questions can be answered by emailing .