Parliament reading list 2018


By MacLeods, for MacLeods

The Parliament Handbook has been updated for Parliament 2018! Collected information from your fellow MacLeods, about what to expect before and during Parliament.

Click on the image at left to download the booklet. It is 15 A4-sized pages (which can be re-sized to "letter" paper if your printer requires that).

The older (original) version of the handbook has also been updated. This version includes more information for MacLeods not resident in the UK, or who are coming to Parliament for the first time.

Click on the image at left to download the old handbook, which is formatted as a booklet. It is set up for A4-sized paper, but can be printed on letter-sized paper if you either shink and center the pages, or just print as-is (the margins will be uneven).

In either case, print the booklet in "landscape" format, and if you print double-sided, opt to "flip on short edge."

Helpful driving references

Driving In Britain - A North American's Guide to the Ins and Outs and Roundabouts of Driving Over There can be ordered from Amazon and is a good place to start. 
Handy Road Atlas Great Britain can be ordered on-line from its publisher or from Amazon. It's a wirebound handbook of maps, very easy to use, (even when you have to follow a route that covers several pages), and at about 5 by 8 inches, the size is good for tucking in the car.

Books about the Clan and Parliament

Dunvegan Memories is a wonderful group of stories collected by Rachael Jackson. Her subjects are the people of Dunvegan, as they each tell their own tale of how they came to be residents there. Published in 2006, 64 pages, softcover. Available from the Dunvegan Community Trust

This is the story of a life-long Raasay resident who - beginning in his fifties - spent 10 years building a two mile stretch of road from Torran to Fladda on Raasay, to help restore the population of the northern part of the island. Published in 2006 by Birlinn Ltd., 198 pages, hardcover. Available from the publisher or

Tell Your Children About the Stones, by Nancy MacLeod Nicol. A short history of the Clan MacLeod Society. Published by Keyline, July 2002, softcover, 64 pages. Available from ACMS.

The Kerracher Man, a modern tale in which Eric MacLeod describes returning to live on his family's croft with his wife and children in the 1970's. This is the land on which the present-day Kerracher Gardens were built. Published in 2007 by Sandstone Press, softcover. Available from the publisher or

We Have Won the Land: The Story of the Purchase by the Assynt Crofters' Trust of the North Lochinver Estate, by John MacAskill. "A gripping account of developments in Assynt as events led up to initially to rejection and finally to the winning of the land by the crofters."  Paperback, 224 pages, published by Acair, Ltd, 1999. Available for sale through