The North Room Group


If you want to take a peek at one of NRG's previous programmes, please download North Room Group Programme 2010.

  What is the North Room Group?

The North Room Group (NRG) are MacLeods aged 18-30 years old who gather during Parliament for friendship and clanship. During the week before Parliament, NRG has a work Week, which normally takes place in Dunvegan. During Parliament week, the NRG helps the Parliament Coordinator in a variety of tasks that keep things running smoothly. NRG share accomodation during the Work Week and Parliament week. NRG is a social time for all particapants, giving them the chance to make bonds of friendship through clan activities and their own outings.

The Work Week

In 2018, the North Room Group will do a Work Week on the Dunvegan Castle estate itself, between 14-21 July 2018. Details to follow!

Logistics and costs

When you register for Parliament as a member of the North Room Group (see Booking), your fee covers the cost of activities during both the NRG Work Week (14-21 July 2018) and Parliament week (21-28 July 2018).
You are responsible for making and paying for your own travel arrangements between your home and Scotland/Dunvegan.
The Work Week before Parliament will not be all work. You should plan to arrive in Dunvegan on Saturday 14 July, which gives NRG participants some time to orient themselves before beginning the task at hand. The Work Week is likely to involve conservation work, and will take place in either the morning or the afternoon, Monday through Friday. During the week, there will be opportunities to visit other recreational spots on Skye, to learn about Clan history and Castle operations, and there will be plenty of time to kick back and just enjoy each other's company.
During the NRG work week, you do NOT have to pay for your accomodation, local transportation, basic food costs (we will be cooking simple meals for ourselves in rental accommodation), or any tools or supplies needed for the project.
During Parliament week, you ARE responsible for the cost and preparation of your own meals. But group accommodation for NRG WILL be provided.
During both the Work Week and Parliament week you will be expected to cover your own costs for social activities.
Your registration covers your participation in ALL of the events during Parliament week, but you may be asked to help set up or possibly help run some of the events.

Financial support

We know this may be a huge financial commitment for a young person, but if you are a MacLeod between the ages of 18 and 30 please consider becoming part of NRG in 2018. The experience of attending Parliament and making friends from all over the world really can change "everything." Financial assistance may be available from your national Clan MacLeod Society.

Further information

If you have any further questions about NRG or the Clan MacLeod youth membership component, please contact the . You are encouraged to register for Parliament as soon as possible. The earlier we know what our numbers will be, the easier it will be for us to plan activities.
You can stay in touch with fellow NRG members (and their many supporters!) through the Facebook page or follow them on Twitter: